All Essential Information to Know About Cervical Pillow and All Product Choices

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Have you ever purchased a cervical pillow? If not, you need to buy this for its many benefits and promising results to offer. This just exactly fits your sleeping style and this gives you the comfort that you need. If you experience back pain or neck pain, it will eventually result to cervical hypolordosis. Now, to avoid this as much as possible, you need to consider this product in mind.

Three Different Types of Cervical Pillow

Here are the three different types of cervical pillow that you need to first understand.

  • Tri-Core─This basically highlights a head cradle in trapezoid. In each side are the padded areas designed for comfortable side sleeping. There are also 2 neck supports with one side that is large. The other side is also small that can meet your comfort needs.
  • Traction─ This promises ergonomic support for anyone who uses it. Its traction “V” will give support to your head. This is also specifically engineered to relieve neck and back pain and improve your posture.
  • D-core─This actually has its cradle area for your head. It is exactly shaped just like a letter D. Its neck support will restore the upper spine and neck’ curvature.

Know Different Sleeping Positions before Buying a Cervical Pillow

Before you buy a best cervical pillow, keep in mind the different sleeping positions. If you lie comfortably in your side, back or stomach, it will guide you throughout the buying decision.

  • Stomach Sleeper─ You can lie on your bed on your stomach using a thin pillow. Or, better yet, do not use a pillow.
  • Side Sleeper─ You need to have a firmer and better pillow if you will sleep on your side. This should fill the space between the outside of the shoulder and the ear.
  • Back Sleeper─ You may find comfort in sleeping at your back. You therefore need to have a thinner pillow in order that your head is not elevated that much. If it has its extra padding, the more that it will give support to your neck.

Pillow Filling Types that Provide Comfort Levels

Pillows are manufactured using only various pillow filling types to bring comfort. The different types below will be discussed to know if they will last.

  • Fiber Pillow─This is considered as the cheapest filling but remember that this can wear down fast and easy.
  • Memory Foam─This basically does its job of reducing some of the pressure points. This forms to contour your body shape.
  • Feather/Down Pillows─ This is popular as it allows you to move all the stuffing around. This will give its support as you need it. But, this is a terrible choice for those who have allergies.

Our Top Picks for Cervical Pillow

Here are out top picks for cervical pillow that complement your budget and your preference.

  • MyPillow─ This can be customized to meet your needs. This is the best for your neck pain and this is created to complement your size. This is mainly available in 4 various loft levels.
  • J’s Sleep Solution ─This will support your head and your neck. This is manufactured using a polyester material and this keeps its support and shape. This will promise you of the comfort that you need. This is also cuddly and soft and this is great for you as a back sleeper.

Now, you have learned more about the pillow and all other things to keep in mind before buying them!